How to Fade Hair and Types of Fade Haircuts

The fade haircut was not that popular in previous times and also not accepted most of the workplaces, but in the last couple of years fade hair style has seen a positive response especially for men. Many gents are now looking for this sort of hairstyle. There are many types of Fade hair styles like, tapers, skin fades, low, medium and high fades and many of people do confused to know how to apply and what types are these.

So we are providing some of the tips about Fade haircut and style.


Basically fade is transfer of lengths and color of your head back and both sides of ears and it defines that hair is not cut for one length and leaving some sort of valuation of lengths together at the same end.

Different Types of Fade Haircut

1.   Taper fade

Though we have seen a lot of definitions of taper and fade but most of the barbers have different ideas about taper that it is the fade around neck and sideburns of a men. It is mostly fade out a beard on a line of hair with long hair on the sides of the beard part to have some different look.

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2.   Low fade

These type of hair and mid fade haircuts being as popular as low fade is used in men’s hairstyle from short to long way. Low fade is also looking awesome to grow out so you can wait for two or three weeks to go for cut. Overall this is great cut for the men who like some different style haircuts and make it for long.

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3.   Mid fade

The mid fade haircut is a haircut in which the sides are shaved and the top is styled vertically. In contrast to the fade haircut, the long hair starts with a mid fade haircut higher up on the head. Do you have thick hair? Because of the mid fade haircut the hair looks fresher and lively. Do you have thin hair? Then you can camouflage some thinner places with the mid fade haircut.

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4.   High fade

The high fade hair cut was so popular in the past and again it emerges in the youngsters. We find hair on the sides in high fade haircut and also at the back of skin. It disappears when we step towards ears. It is just like low and mid fade haircut, but little difference is that it finishes the fade somewhere about two to three inches bellow upper region of the sides and also at the back of head. Overall high fade hair style has good response in all over the world.High fade, high fade haircut, high fade hairstyle


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